When I begin to review work for the next issue of VIEW, I let my eyes lead me around (usually the internet) and see what comes my way. Sometimes, when I can manage to keep my mind open, the results can be quite surprising and I find that I select work that perhaps a few months before I would not have chosen.

It’s in this issue then that I think we have achieved such a wide selection that it is a testimony to the power photography can have on us to open (or change) our minds.

From William LeGoullon’s studio shots of items he found in the Arizona desert, first abused and used for target practice then gradually morphed into beautiful sculpture; through Aaron Owens’ research into public archives where he finds aerial photos that he meticulously collects into an array of patterns; to looking through the dreamly sensitive eyes of Valentina Marcucci – just a sample of some of the diverse work we’ve collected in this latest issue.

This is an issue to soak in section by section, image by image; to reflect on what we do as artists and humans and enjoy what the world around us doesn’t cease to provide – endless inspiration to so many talented people.

Happy viewing,


Contributors in this issue

Charles Bouchaib
Dominic Bugatto
Jose Camara
Gigi Cifali
Eliot Dudik
Philippe Fragnière
William LeGoullon
Valentina Marcucci
Aaron Owens
Charlie Rubin