Charles Bouchaib

Mutated Landscape

Initially, it is the journey or the loitering that allows me to enjoy a form of naivety. This enables me to capture a distinct reality, to increase acuteness of eye. I use this form of state-perception as soon as I take pictures. This is an intuitive process where I aim to capture an attractive and aesthetic emotion. It can be handsome, weird or astounding.

My project is built around a dialectic between the rational and the sensitive. Relearn to observe nature inspires me. Without trying to celebrate it, I want to make pictures where it appears beautiful or threatening. I try to explore the limits of our perception of reality through vegetal and mineral matter.

Mutations in small and large scales generated by globalization and standardization interest me to. They go beyond us, but concern us. Without addressing them directly, these issues fuel my reflections. Sometimes, this leads me to identify the legacy’s symbols of a crippled urbanism.