Welcome to the eighth issue of VIEW Magazine

Those of you who have seen previous issues of VIEW and read our short manifesto on the last page know that one of our “rules” is that we will not be showing non-historical black & white photography (along with sunsets and fashion photography). We also state on the same page that it’s not written in stone. Well, this issue we are happy to break one of our rules and present the dark black & white photos of photographer Adam Katseff. So here is a new “rule” for the new year – be flexible and follow your heart. And this is a rule that should truly never be broken.

In the past when I photographed in black & white as a student I used to print my work very dark and this is possibly why Adam’s work struck such a chord with me. I love color photography but sometimes, when done really well, the quality of a black & white print is so good, so rich that it’s almost colorful. To boot, this black & white work looks surprisingly rich on an iPad screen!

Speaking of color, we have a beautiful variety of work in this issue, which includes Anne Garland’s glowing miniature theatrical sets; the empty storefronts photographed in California and Greece by Garrett Williams; Andrew Murr’s lovely streetscape humor and Göksu Baysal’s poetic images of modern-day Turkey. We hope you enjoy this final issue for 2013.

Please let your photography-loving friends and family know about what we do (it’s easy to share what you like via our Facebook and Twitter sharing functions, at the bottom of each page). The more people know about VIEW Magazine, the better our chances of continuing to produce our independent little magazine.

Lastly, some of you have seen photographer Chris Dorley Brown’s work in VIEW issue 6 titled “Spot the Difference”. We loved Chris’s work so much that we decided to produce a single book-like app featuring over one hundred and twenty photographs in an interactive format that beautifully showcases the time span revealed in these remarkable images. The app is called Continuum and is now available for purchase on the app store, Continuum is now also available as an interactive iBook version. I hope some of you will consider purchasing it and supporting living artists.

Photograph, edit, and see you in 2014.

Happy viewing,


Contributors in this issue

Magnus Astrum
Göksu Baysal
Anne Garland
William Hess
Adam Katseff
Tomasz Laptaszynski
Ciro Miguel
Andrew Murr
Gilles Pao
Ronny Perry
Garrett Williams