Welcome to the fifth issue of VIEW Magazine

While we typically don’t relate or mention the latest world news in our quarterly magazine, we felt that what is happening in Syria warrants some special attention. In solidarity with the civilian population there we prepared a special interactive feature juxtaposing photos that we feel are quite symbolic of this terrible, ongoing struggle.

In the same vein–the cover for issue 5–a photograph by Daniel Lohmann is also quite fitting. Taken in Damascus, a photo of the Syrian president looks faded and almost like an historical relic. Additional photos in Daniel’s portfolio are also featured in this issue and show his focus on sociological and architectural photography.

As we always try to do in our magazine the subjects and the images are wide ranging yet subtle in their approach. We enjoyed finding the work of Bridget Collins with her whimsical take on objects around her; Simon Kossoff’s bold images of our surroundings and Ryuji Sakamoto’s beautiful poetic view of modern Japan. All of that and more is now available for you to enjoy and explore in this latest issue.

Happy Viewing.


Contributors in this issue

Guillaume Abgrall
Thomas Albdorf
Stefan Bleihauer
Bridget Collins
Simon Kossoff
Daniel Lohmann
Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
Ryuji Sakamoto
András Vari