Daniel Lohmann

Concrete Evidence

Image Descriptions:

1. colonia ulpia traiana: Beautiful concrete model of the roman amphitheater of xanten, roman colonia ulpia traiana. Nowadays the real thing is a “concrete model” too, for it has been reconstructed to such an extent, that you cannot distinguish any original roman material. Therefore, I have decided to favor this model. It is located in a calm courtyard surrounded by medieval walls of reused roman bricks adding an interesting layer of originality.

4. pants: Years old. But still one of my all time favs. I was on the way into the building when they passed outside. I asked them whether I could take a pic. They stood in the perfect spot and got into that pose for me.

5. alien base: Concrete dome of a former air base hangar, from 1917-18.

6. incompiuta: The unfinished romanesque church of Venosa, Puglia, Italy. Built mostly of large antique roman spolia ashlars from the theater across today’s road around the year 1150. This is the left side apse.

9. Pale / Legacy: In Damascus, in the immediate vicinity of the Hedjaz-Station.

10. ghost town: Bosra, Hauran, Syria. This is to show solidarity and to admire the braveness of the Syrian people.

11. tripoli al mina trade fair: Oscar Niemeyer’s unfinished trade fair in Tripoli/Trablous, Lebanon. This is the helicopter landing pad. Sorry for the power lines. Too lazy to shop them away.

I work as an architectural historian and university teacher. Before studying architecture I was trained as a press photographer. When traveling I use the camera as a tool to understand and document a society’s constructions. My work has taken me to places like Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan, which are represented in some of the photographs shown here.