Welcome to the third issue of VIEW.

We have been quite busy researching and developing this issue, as well as learning from our experience of becoming publishers/curators vs. our usual roles as interactive designers. Running a company, dealing with various projects and then selecting images for the next issue – let me just say it’s a handful! But we love the experience and vow to make it better as we progress.

In this issue we feature a mix of beautiful street photography from South America, through the almost-abandoned landscapes in The Netherlands and the USA. We “visit” Greece and the island of Salt Cay as witnesses to economic issues, and explore the work of a Hudson Valley artist creating new imagery by embroidering on top of old photographs.

A client of ours once told us that upon finding our website she felt she “found an island of calm away from all the noise of the web”. I suppose that in a way I see this magazine as such an island – a respite from the more conventional, typical or commercial photography out there and I hope you feel the same when you explore this issue’s photographers and artists, with their evident passion for the visual language.

Enjoy and let us know what you think. And I thank you in your help supporting these photographers and their art through additional exposure, so feel free to share what you like on your social networks.


Contributors in this issue

Henri Antoine
Julie Chase
Luísa Cortesão
Harold Diaz
Evan Helfrich
Panayotis Ioannidis
Alon Koppel
Brad McMurray
Gael Michaud
Gustavo Minas
Gleb Simonov
Silke Sörensen
Kakouris Spyridon