Welcome to the first issue of VIEW Magazine.

As someone with a keen interest in photography, technology and democracy (of the eye and politically) I think this is a great moment to start VIEW – a ‘zine  that we hope to publish on a quarterly basis.

In our first issue you will find “Views”, a portfolio review of mostly unsung, talented photographers (many of whom I found on the web) whose simple passion for looking is exciting; “Projects”, which highlights some long-term assignments or personal passions; “Quotes”, our sincere attempt to introduce text on the subject by some great writers; “While You Were Away” which explores a different place of conflict in the world – starting with Palestine – through the unique perspective of people on the ground in whatever capacity they find themselves in; and our “Overview” section, which includes an information-graphics map displaying stats about this issue’s contributors, our short manifesto and ways to connect with us online.

The majority of the work shown here adheres to a simple visual role. To paraphrase from Roland Barthes’ writing, some photographs carry an almost hidden personal value – one which affects us, makes us feel touched. This viewing moment which ‘pierces the viewer’ (Barthes referred to it as “punctum”) is the moment I looked for in these selections.

These are inspiring times. With the advent of the iPad it’s now possible for independent/small publishers to release small-scale, tightly-curated publications and attempt to distribute them to a large audience. It’s my hope that the work here will effect you, the viewer, in a meaningful way as well.


Contributors in this issue

Martin Adolfsson
Morgain Bailey
Daniel Burman
Robert Cook
Michel Druilhe
Amir Farshad Ebrahimi
Christopher Hall
Alon Koppel
Kara Newhouse
Rodney Olson
Missy Prince
Steven J. Syrek
Joël Tettamanti