Morgain Bailey

Urban Wilderness

I am a visual artist who works mainly with photographic media. I am from the west coast, having lived as far south as Santa Barbara, CA and as far north as Tacoma, WA. My processes are heavily influenced by west coast artists and culture. I have had the opportunities to live in Japan and Sweden for extended periods of time, these places have given me additional cultural perspectives. I have a BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute, 1998.

I do most of my work while exploring outdoor environments, from urban to wilderness and everything in-between. My work weaves together reflections on our environment, American culture and personal-poetic narratives. Some of the work is documentary or journalistic.

My motivation comes from a variety of sources. Visual literacy creates the need to communicate visually, and this is self-motivating. My love for exploration and mundane adventures is reflected in my photography. Doing camera work adds meaning and helps me to challenge myself to think carefully about where I am and what I am doing there. A few of my favorite artists are Walker Evans, Robert Adams and Richard Diebenkorn. I enjoy being inspired to confront and challenge myself with new ways of perceiving and composing imagery.