Adam Katseff

Artist Statement

Adam Katseff’s Night Landscapes use darkness to limit the visual field, inviting the viewer to compose the remainder of each image. Whether the site depicted is historic or less known each scene offers a sense of familiarity, blurring the line between image, memory and imagination. Rich detail slowly emerges from each image as our eyes adjust to the dark, and the slight glow of the horizon, a faint shimmer off the water, the hard edge of a tree branch, resolve to reward the patience of the viewer.


1. Cathedral Rock, Yosemite
2. Dixville Notch, The White Mountains
3. Donner Lake
4. Kaweah River Valley
5. Unnamed Mountain, Desolation Wilderness, California
6. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
7. Bridalvale Falls, Yosemite
8. The Susquehanna

Adam Katseff’s In The Course of Time was being shown at Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York City.
October 30th, 2013 – January 12, 2014. More information here.