Erkan Erdem

Just Before Sleep

Erkan Erdem was born in İstanbul, Turkey in 1981. Educated in 9 Eylül University Fine Art Faculty in Cinema-TV department in İzmir, Turkey. He moved back to İstanbul in 2003 and began to work in post production studios  after a short time photography assistance. Now he works as freelance offline film editor and improves his personal photography projects.

The Body of Just Before Sleep:

This is a very personal serie shoot at night in ›stanbul Turkey.
It’s a street photography experience, almost without people.
There aren’t any people around. But their marks, signs and wastes remain.
It’s just about feelings about the city and its feelings
like loneliness, emptiness, absence.
All photographs were taken vertical and presented 3in1 together
So I tried to make their feelings higher in a cinematographic evocation