Willson Cummer

Dawn Light

In late July of 2012, a five-month depression suddenly lifted. I was able to wake up in the morning with energy, eager to explore the day. I soon began to photograph the early morning light as it fell upon Fayetteville, NY, my hometown. I walked from my front door and occasionally drove a bit further into the village. I wanted to see the territory closest at hand.

Light is a fundamental ingredient for photography. It has also, for centuries, been used as a metaphor for healing and recovery.

As a recovering depressive, I wanted to explore the dawn light on a metaphorical level. As an artist, I wanted to record the gorgeous cross-light of the early morning and the rich yellow hue of the direct light.

I was attracted to humble structures: gas stations, parking lots and aging commercial buildings. The interplay of the natural world and the built environment is a subject which continues to excite me.

– Willson Cummer