Kalo Vicent

Geographical Abstraction

My photographic work is based on a few, but strong arguments.

I establish an intimate relationship with reality. Much of my images were obtained a few miles from my house.

I find inspiration in my own environment, within a small circle. The travel destination is always inside. Of course the creative effort is greater. It is much easier to detect the beauty, or find inspiration in a territory, country or completely new landscape. that at the everyday monotony and cotidian  landscape:

Using a mental technique, which I call “geographical abstraction” :  convert or extract from a territory: The ideal landscape, the landscape dreamed. Another old techniques Dadaists as: “errabundeo”, “Walk About”. Help me to find inspiration, to detect the entropic energy

The definition of entropy that I like is the one that comes from physical science. Defining the entropy: as the excess energetic after a reaction. This applies to vague grounds, open spaces unbuilt. What the French call “terrain vague” full of strange beauty, melancholy and mystery. These areas of transition between what was and what will be located in a passive time in the present continuous. These forgotten spaces these subconscious lands, evoke my photographs.