Welcome to the second issue of VIEW magazine.

VIEW’s first issue got off to a great start back in March. Over 6,000 copies (which is considered unusually good for an unknown publication, especially with little to no PR behind it) were downloaded on the iPad since launching, and we received great feedback on the level of photography and quality of content involved.

For VIEW #2, we have assembled (in our continued theme of no themes) another remarkably good yet eclectic range of works spanning the globe. From the bold New York City street photography of Todd Gross; Mark Powell’s vibrant Mexico photos; Australian artist David Thomas’ series of painting on photos; through the wonderful work of underserved youth via the educational program of The Modern Story in India; to Satoshi Sakurai’s extremely sad and powerful photos of Fukushima, this issue of View is truly encompassing. 

VIEW is a personal project of mine and as such I am trying to keep the publication a free download for as long as I can. This was possible while we used the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite in its beta format, but that program is ending soon. I am hoping to find another solution that will allow us to (inexpensively) continue this publication in a similar format. Stay tuned on our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.

Happy Viewing.


Contributors in this issue

Erkan Erdem
Todd Gross
Martin Hopkins
Michele Nucera
Mark Alor Powell
Satoshi Sakurai
Harry Shaud
SPANA staff
The Modern Story
David Thomas
Melissa Weaver